Kenneth J DeWoskin—China: A 360° New Year’s Review

12 February 2019 (Tue), 6:30-8PM
At Tan Chin Tuan LT

After a tumultuous 2018, we entered the New Year with China pursuing an ambitious development and reform programme while facing formidable domestic and international challenges. There was no doubt that developments in 2019 would have major impact on the Mainland, regional, and global landscapes. Landing on the dark side of the moon was an apt metaphor for the year ahead, as an interplay of forces continued to unfold, including technology and innovation, political challenges to globalisation, and on-going trade and investment frictions, as well as China’s own historic legacy and campaigns like the Belt and Road Initiative, China 2025, and overall reform and modernisation drive.

This talk was held as part of a series of college-wide lectures organised under the auspices of the Tan Chin Tuan Chinese Culture & Civilisation Programme.

About Dr Kenneth J DeWoskin

Dr Kenneth J DeWoskin is a former partner for China Strategy and Business Development at one of the Big Four, Founder of Deloitte’s China Research and Insight Centre, and now serves as a Senior Advisor and Eminence Fellow to Deloitte for China research and insight. He concurrently serves as Senior Advisor to The Conference Board China Center for Economics and Business. A former Professor of International Business and Chairman and Professor of Asian Cultures at the University of Michigan, Dr DeWoskin has been involved with China for over 50 years and has lived and worked extensively in both China and in Japan.