Programme Description

To complete the minor, a student must complete 25 Modular Credits (MC) in coursework. This is to include:

  • YLC2202: Intermediate Chinese 2 (or higher-level Chinese language course, modern or classical [YHU2212: Classical Chinese]); and
  • 20 additional MC from the courses listed below, including at least one each from the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions.

Comparable courses taken through off-campus study or at the National University of Singapore (NUS) (up to a limit of 12 MC) and comparable Yale-NUS courses otherwise not on the current list may be approved at the discretion of the programme’s Advisor. Courses taken for a major cannot be double-counted toward the minor, and all courses for the minor taken at Yale-NUS or NUS must have a letter grade.

Humanities Division

  • YLC3203: Advanced Chinese 1
  • YLC3204: Advanced Chinese 2
  • YLC3205: Advanced Readings in Chinese: Cinematic and Literary Texts
  • YLC3206: Advanced Readings in Chinese: Modern Chinese Literature
  • YHU2204: Modern Chinese Literature and Film
  • YHU2212: Classical Chinese
  • YHU2218: Chinese Migrations to Southeast Asia
  • YHU 2287: Neo-Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism
  • YHU3204: China and the West
  • YHU3211: Tales of the Strange
  • YHU3205: Ming Imperial Voyages
  • YHU3224: Warring States China Intellectual and Political History
  • YHU3230: The First Opium War, 1839-42
  • YHU3336: Goodbye Mao?: China’s Postsocialist Transformations
  • YHU4222: The Historiography of Sima Qian
  • YHU4204: Rise of the West and the Great Divergence
  • YHU4218: Chinese Poetry
  • YHU4237: Chinese Prose

Social Sciences Division

  • YSS3212: Chinese Politics
  • YSS3217: Urbanisation in China
  • YSS3226: Conflict and Cooperation in East Asia
  • YSS3241: Chinese Political Philosophy: Confucianism & Its Rivals
  • YSS3268: Anthropology of China
  • YSS4205: Chinese Foreign Policy
  • YID3207: China’s Energy and Environmental Sustainability